Best Quest - Episode 1 is HERE!

2014-07-18 14:34:56 by BestQuest

The first official episode of our animated webseries, Best Quest, is finally here! Feel free to watch it at


When an innocent girl is abducted by trolls, it's up to Mort and the dudes to step in and save her... Or will someone beat them to it? (Be sure to stay til after the credits to make a critical choice at the end of the episode!)


Watch the pilot episode on Newgrounds:
Watch in HD on Youtube!

Best Quest is an animated show about 4 young dorks trying to look cool in a world filled with dragons and wizards and stuff! Watch more Best Quest at, and support our team via Patreon at !

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Featuring music by:

Pablo Morales
CD Baby:

@kedromelon (twitter)

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